Who to appoint as regulatory designers?

A critical driver and shaper of regulation is who is appointed to develop the design and the scope of the designer’s mandate. New Zealand, like comparable jurisdictions, can seek advice from

  • James Zuccollo, Mike Hensen and John Yeabsley “Weathertight Buildings and Performance-based Regulation: What Lessons can be Drawn from a Complicated and Evolving Situation?” in Susy Frankel and Deborah Ryder (eds) Recalibrating Behaviour: Smarter Regulation in a Global World (LexisNexis 2013). An independent inquiry begins, chaired by former State Services Commissioner Don Hunn, and reporting to the BIA. Inquiry warns in its interim report of a potential “systemic breakdown” across the building industry.   See  footnote [59] Parliamentary Library Leaky Buildings (Background Note, 2002/10, 6 November 2002) at 18; see also Andrew Laxon "Where the Rot Really Set In" The New Zealand Herald (New Zealand, 10 October 2002).